More cat you say?


So I think I should explain the title of my blog and why it changed. Slightly. You’ll notice that I added Cairo to the title. Well Cairo is a little kitty who is also my latest foster failure. He’s almost 7 months old. He’s cute. Really cute. So cute that the day after I dropped him off at the Cat Café (more on this later), I woke up sobbing about how I missed him. I spent that day on and off crying about how I made the wrong decision and abandoned him and couldn’t look anywhere in my house without seeing his cute face and remembering his cute self, etc., etc. That night I decided that I was going to go back to get him and formally adopt him. I texted Kate, the VP of the rescue I foster for and she was happy for me. I instantly had relief from that horrible feeling I had suffered through all day.

The next day, I left work at lunchtime and drove straight down to Wilton Manors where the Café is located. The volunteers knew I was coming to get him and when I walked in, he looked so sad sitting in the little box covered with a pillow case I had brought him in with. It killed me and I felt so bad that I had made us both go through this ordeal in the first place. He looked up at me and I instantly took him into my arms and held him again for a while. I eventually let him down before packing up his stuff and he went right into the carrier I brought to take him home in. I tried to pretend that I had just gone away on vacation for two days and that’s why I had to bring him to the café thinking I would convince him (but really it was for myself) that I wasn’t a horrible kitty mom and had at first abandoned my baby. He was a little shy in the car and tired. When I brought him back home he went back to finding his old spots and said hi to Marco and my other foster cat, Jellybean (No. Don’t even think it; It’s not happening. No offense to little Jellybean. Just no.)

It took him a short time to adjust but with a lot of love and smothering from me and getting back to his old routine, he was back quickly. It has now been a couple months since I’ve had him back. I hope he’s forgotten about the whole thing. I really regret the whole thing but that’s part of life. I thought I was doing what was best for him and Marco. I thought Marco would not be happy not having my full attention and being my one and only cat. I thought I was giving Cairo the chance to find a great family with the potential to make him a very happy kitty. In the end, I’m so glad I adopted him. He really is so sweet and such a good kitty. So, he will be coming to Austria too in May. My boyfriend is on board (we discussed previously) as he has fallen in love with him too. We are looking forward to Marco and Cairo meeting his cat Yoda (more on this later too!), being able to enjoy the fresh air of Austria, learning to adapt to a bigger home and the five (!) of us being a happy family.

Pictures to come soon 🙂


Preparation Procrastination

As I sit here starting this blog, I wonder what I am getting myself into. Not only am I embarrassingly slow when it comes to anything technology, (yes, blogging is technology to me) I’m struggling to decide what my blog should be about. You might want to buckle up, because I’m sure it’ll be a rough ride, at least in the beginning. But I promise to try to make my blog somewhat thought provoking and interesting, even if all I end up with is some rambling stories and pretty pictures.

I’m starting this blog because I want to write, but the main motivation is to share all the details about my upcoming uprooting from the good ‘ol USA to rooting in Austria and grafting with my Austrian boyfriend. Also, I’m bringing my cat Marco. Aside from that storyline, I think I’ll just let it fly. After all, that is what this move is. Moving to a different continent to live with my boyfriend wasn’t something that came up in my wildest dreams. Okay well  there was a part of me that thought it would be amazing, but I never thought it would be happening to me. That being said, I’ve always loved travelling, hold a special place in my heart for Europe, and I do have an adventurous side and like to think that I’m an “outside of the box” kind of girl. As I reveal the rest of the storyline through my blog, you’ll see how absurdly dreamy the whole thing is. Hint: pastries.

So, that brings us to some thoughts on planning. Today I  realized that while I am a more-than-normal micro planner, I’ve never been a macro planner. Let me explain…I love planning. It’s gotten more extreme as I have gotten older and have more responsibilities because it’s just so thrilling to be efficient and get the most out of your day and really, get the most out of your life. To enable me, I use calendars, whiteboards and have reminders everywhere. I like to plan my day to day, sometimes down to the minute. However, when it comes to planning the big things, like what I want to do when I grow up, what kind of person I want to marry, where I want to live, etc. I’m hopeless. Part of it is because I don’t want to limit myself. (The other part is TBD.) Although I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to or even wanted to, macro plan, such as what kind of job I wanted or plan out my dream wedding. I feel that by narrowing it down, I’m not letting myself think of other possibilities. Hence might miss out on seeing them and taking them because I have tunnel vision about my plan. If I have my mind set on something and certain parameters, it’s hard for me to break out of that box. It boils down to the fact that it just doesn’t fit in to the plan.

So here we come to the title of this, my first article.  There are many preparations that I need to undertake before my big move in May. What to do about my health insurance, my mail, my car, my Bar license (yes, I’m a Florida licensed attorney…more on that later…or not…). I’m taking it in stride. It will get done, as every great procrastinator has said.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Thanks, Ben.

*If you picked up on the horticulture references in this story, you get an A+